A Nature Machine. A tree.

Tree planting is a simple, replicable, and scalable approach with proven success. How?  “With every living soul a tree planter crusades”. Through our demonstration training program, the TFTF-Approach, farmers plant thousands of trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil. Our farmers then grow varieties fruits and vegetables as against mono crop farming. The acquisitions of these skill-sets move small holder farmers to gain increases in income and  access to food, within the first year, while improving their environment.
It means we impact a triple-bottom-line:
1.Hunger: Help these extreme poor people suffering from chronic hunger to achieve food security within 1 year on ward
2.Poverty: Help the extreme poor people earning less than $1.25/day to increase their income by at least 10 times over
3.Deforestation: It is homecoming for tree cover to their degraded landscapes and invigorate dying soils.
Being involved in diversified training program in favor of increasing social and economic self- reliance in an organic scale, we are
  1. a) Involved in increasing Post-Harvest Value:
  2. b) We catalyze local people into self -reliant groups that grow into cooperatives societies. This helps them in Creating Value Chain and Market LinkagesWe show them how to remove middlemen from the distribution chain and provide mentoring for economics of scale that facilitate information flow and business transactions between suppliers and buyers.
Our Relationship with Trees


The Nature Machine. A tree. It absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and keep it.

1. It’s easy for local farmers to take care of the trees while trees take care of the farmers
2.The Nature Machine form mechanical anchors on the soil structure which thus reduces erosion, degradation, and landslides
3.Trees are beautiful, cool, and freshens. Green vegetation are pleasant sceneries and form safe-place for meditation and pouring away negative energies.
4.By Planting Trees;
You capture carbon emission and other green- house gases.
5.By planting trees; 
You restore habitat for biodiversity, bring beneficial animals and insects back home.
6.By planting trees;
You revive sustainable farming practices that restores trees instead of clearing them.
7.By planting trees;
You support soil aeration increasing healthy soils for other vegetables and fruits to be grown and sold
8.By planting trees;
You give farmers’ families a supermarket at their backyard.
9.By Planting trees;
You increase paydays and incomes for farmers who once lived in extreme poverty
10.By planting trees;
You give farmers the training needed for sustainable agriculture.
11.By planting trees;
You increase farmers’ ability to send their children to school, women empowerment and end climate migration
12.By Planting trees;
You foster thriving communities of interest, who support each other and build local economies
13.By planting trees;
You build resilience for the economies, environment and families.
14.By Planting trees;
You mitigate climate change and change people’s lives for the better.
15.By planting trees
You are making environment, agriculture and the economy as one.

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