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Community based strategy

  • Community based strategy empowering (building the community together) low income earners and peasant farmers by a relational process that is focused on reconciling their core relationships (with selves, and with one another, and creation) instead of just We become a catalyst to a community of interest first who then identify community assets and use those assets to solve community identified problems

We catalyze to establish local organizations as self- reliant groups which we grow into GREEN COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES to improve local resources (stewards of Creation) and as savings for change groups.


The women empowerment

  • Women by women for women specialized synergy toward empowering women as small scale farmers. These Women we have found, though materially poor, are rich on the inside to pass through the burden of bearing the traumas of the African woman in agriculture, in passing through loss of children due to diseases, epidemics, and in being the beast of burden. This further expands as Girl Child Education A Girls in Science & Mathematics program that nurtures the vulnerable African Girl into full Girls’ in Leadership adventures.


We are a Social enterprise. Our social enterprise is committed to achieving this double bottom line—our Social Mission and the Financial Objective.

1.To us this means we are a nonprofit business or revenue-generating NGO founded to create positive social impact while operating with reference to a financial bottom line. We frame our financial bottom line as a by-product to our social impact and not otherwise

2.Our Financial Objectives do not diversify grant funds, no matter the small percentage, to making a profit, but only intended mainly as a sustainability strategy for the institution. By this Nonprofit sustainability strategy, we mean seizing our nonprofits’ ability to generate income to support our social programs without continued reliance only on donor funding, like establishing greenhouse farms businesses, consultancies’ services and sales of our books or resources. Thus we are a nonprofit organization that generates income by selling goods, commercializing services, or leveraging assets (tangible and intangible) to support our social service activities: We charge fees for some of our face to face or online trainings and consultancy services.

3.As Nonprofit Practitioners who are accomplished in executing social programs this means integrating business skills, practices and entrepreneurship into some of our operations.

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