Servant leadership! On my way to emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding our feelings or emotions. Stress is common to all of us as humans that live in this present age. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) come to true in describing our real times. As for Leaders they have to brainstorm to handle these VUCA times and manage their emotions in the cause of their daily jobs. And so many irritations arise. The more challenges you face as a leader,   the more emotional upheaval you experience, and the resultant effect being that it becomes harder to think straight. Leaders have been discovered to be high in the statistics of victims of High Blood Pressure. Have you been there sir? And what a tragic point when as leaders, direction- drivers, we are not able to think straight anymore. This article is a Call to leaders that we can lead with calm and peace of mind. And these come as results of the best practices in servant leadership. Do we continue?


The Silent Killer.

Under induced stress, we get impotent, fearful, worried, and lose courage. This is when we then react without thinking. Following feelings, we come to be people who are inert even when we should be taking actions or even take wrong actions rather. These errors in timeliness or type of actions have caused us great loss in terms of businesses and many other ways. This has further compounded when in our leadership positions we struggle with built-up emotions by hurting ourselves. Many of us have gone to taking weed, drugs, alcohol, smoke, take ill, e.t.c., when overwhelmed in this way we struggle and entangle ourselves the more as such. The losses of a leader and organization in this way is not just a loss to the leader, but a loss to all, the society, and the family suffers. Leaders are the function of societal development.

The Way out.

Please note that you are too important to destroy yourself. Your being and well-being are as important as the people and society you are serving. . Don’t get into trouble with your emotions before crying out.

  1. Off-Load. In the build-up, offload. Again, I say offload. Get a listener and share. Share, even if you are at fault. Share your faults, share your over ambitions, share your financial pressures, share your confusions and fears. Share your anxieties, share your pains, and share your error of judgment. Share difficulty. Admit that you are human and need help. Only God doesn’t need help. Find someone you can talk to about what is going on. Talking out is a medicine, it helps, as well as crying and laughing out. With a good listener, you will find renewal.
  2. Share Power. Share benefits. Share responsibilities. Share profits. Share ownership. Sharing is giving and it gives back life. Those who eat alone die alone. An honest cry or hearty laugh with a friend at work refreshes your brain. It takes a fool to abuse you if you share your emotions with him or her. Get secure with your self-identity and not be afraid of sharing. Get more in our coaching: Leader knows yourself.

Your personal security is not lost or in danger, if you share. Servant leadership in action.


  1. Find a safe place: If you have been observing yourself enough, you might have released there are places, scenes, environments that seem to refresh you. This is where I call my safe place for leaders. For me it is nature. A beautiful scene of nature. A hill, a valley, or a forest e t.c. This is why I am into environmental conservation as well. Nature is my friend. Find yours, and go there to refresh or offload.


My point here is that Leaders can overcome the stress and emotional furor associated with their work, and lead with peace of mind. Leaders can enjoy leading. Leading can be both work and fun. These results are only but, that of the best practices of servant leadership. Servant leaders lead with peace of mind. And this can be your story of leadership. Do you want more of these for yourself and your teams? Check us here.

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Daniel Daku Wumani is the president of Daruwana Servant Leadership Institute. Abuja. Nigeria.

An organization standing for Servant Leadership education; Coaching, networking, mentoring

and tutoring, and consulting. Achieving a better world through a different leadership.