Servant-Leaders: They are not many
In our conceptualization of servant leadership and its movement, we come face to face with this compound word; Servant-Leader. We are not inventing a new kind of leader here. Here the word servant is not an adjective to the word leader. It is a noun. The servant Leader is both a servant and a leader at the same time. We call it a new thought pattern in leadership. When we use the word, Servant without the leader, Greenleaf said, ‘it is focused on providing for others, doing good deeds, and making things easier for those they serve’. A servant is a passionate person; heart and soul. He serves with a mind to relieve pain and bring solace. We have so few of such people in our society who live compelled as volunteers to serve the need of others. What we have celebrated as leaders are those we now realize as those who have served themselves to the full. Greenleaf said, ‘we are blessed if know any of them, and to follow such an example of service’. They can become our role models in the life of service if we find them. Role modeling is a strong force in making the next generations.
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On the other hand, the leader without the servant, is goal-oriented, strategic planning and accomplishing the mission, growing the sphere of influence, and succeeding by KPI measures. This is the driving and directing force. His brain and body are very strong with charisma. He is action-oriented as we know. They influence energy and keep to pace. Their clarity of vision and unrelenting pursuit of goals is enthusiastic and charming to us all.
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The Servant –Leader, and not Servant and Leader humbly accept that their own goals are, helping those they serve or team members achieving the goals as being their highest aspirations in life; connecting them to a life of purpose. Following a servant leader takes you to the point of self-actualization. And the basic needs of their teams are not being neglected as well. They enjoy lifting the capacity of others, with no expectation of what they will get in return. Here lies the richest way to live and find meaning.
We find this servant and leader concept and practices as a new light to us. It’s day dawn. It is burning like a wildfire in our souls. We are very clear that this is the solution to the leadership crises we have indulged ourselves in this contemporary times. Daruwana Servant Leadership institute is poised to raise a new tribe of leaders (Servant-Leaders) closing up the scarcity, for this Century, who will first of all encounter change in themselves and then go forth to change the society. For more take our premium course: Leader know yourself.
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